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  • 14 Notes for printing, writing and sending in BOTH PSD and JPEG
  • 7 Envelopes in BOTH PSD and JPEG
  • 7 Placemat designs for printing and dining, editable in PSD and JPEG
  • 7 Social Graphics editable in PSD and PNG

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SUBJECT: No Better time than Now for You!

BODY:  Even if you are Super Human, you still need to take care of you before you can take care of the others in your life. Just like the flight attendants say, you need to put on your mask first in case the cabin pressure drops before helping anyone who depends on you, You need to TAKE CARE of YOU first, before you run out of energy and have nothing left to give.

Journaling is one of those ways in which you will spend time with your thoughts and by doing so, will keep your eye on the prize- a healthier, happy you ready to tackle most anything that comes your way. Sound like a plan? Then do yourself a favor and take a look at the Time To Take Care of You Bundle-PLR! 


Included in the  Time To Take Care of You PLR Pack is:

  • (1-4) 30 Day Journals
  • Editable Cover in both PSD and JPEG
  • 7 Social Graphics also editable in PSD and JPEG
  • 21 Quotes/Tweet Starters


If you already have a journal business then you may just need some fresh material for your audience. In either case the Time To Take Care of You Bundle PLR could be just what you are looking for.

Take a look at this great offer here:



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