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  • 33 page Guide created in Power Point with editable covers in PSD and JPEG

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SUBJECT: Have you Ever Thought about what Happens to your Stuff when you die?

BODY:  If you have-have you taken the time to put your wishes in writing? If not, there might be some confused people doing some pretty crazy things with your stuff.  Perhaps you could open your mind to this concept of leaving a plan behind.  There is no need to have your loved ones sad and overwhelmed because sad is enough to deal with. Give them some guidance with the Grim Reaper's Retro Guide to End of Life Planning.


Included in the  The Grim Reaper's Retro Guide to End of Life Planning PLR is:

  • 33 page Editable Guide in Power Point
  • Editable Cover in both PSD and JPEG
  • 7 Social Graphics also editable in PSD and JPEG

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