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  • 30 Day Journal in Power Point with editable covers in PSD and JPEG
  • 8 Notes of for printing, writing, and sending in BOTH PSD an d JPEG
  • 8 Envelopes in BOTH PSD and JPEG
  • A Done For You Coloring Book: Falling in Love With Flamingos and Other Love Birds

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SUBJECT: What's Love got to Do with it!

BODY:  This is the season of Love, so there is no better time to take an inventory of who is in your heart.

You or those you serve, can take a 30 day look at who is in the love zone with non other than the 30 Day Love Journal. Then print, write, and send Valentines to those who are nearest and dearest. Perhaps you will want to top it off with some Love Bird coloring with a Done for You Coloring Book: Falling in Love with Flamingos and Other Love Birds. If this sounds interesting, then do yourself a favor and take a look at the Time for Love Bundle-PLR! 


Included in the  Time To Take Care of You PLR Pack is:

  • 30 Day Love Journal
  • Editable Cover in both PSD and JPEG
  • 7 Social Graphics also editable in PSD and JPEG
  • 21 Quotes/Tweet Starters
  • Set of 8 Valentines and envelopes
  • A Done For You Coloring Book


All or part of this bundle will help you get perspective n the love you have in that heart of yours.

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