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  • 30 Journal editable in Power Point
  • Covers in BOTH PSD (editable) and PNGS
  • 7 Social Graphics . Editable in PSD and also provided in PNG
  • 21 Quotes/Tweet starters 
  • 25 Page DONE FOR YOU Coloring Book 

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SUBJECT: Raise some Environmental Awareness

BODY:  More and more we are being made aware of the idea of going green, but what does that mean? There are lots of folks out there that are just unaware. They might just need a little inspiring and a little time with the ideas.

A 30 day journal with inspiring quotes and a place to jot down their thoughts might be just the thing that helps them become more environmentally conscious.

Thinking about becoming more GREEN is a great start. Going a step further and journaling thoughts about the quotes or your own ideas will get you another step closer to becoming green and that would be awesome for the planet. Space just like this is what you will find in the offer, 30 Day Going Green Journal  Pack-PLR. In a hurry to pick this one up click the link below. What is included is listed below, don't wait to become more green.

Use yourself, sell as is, or tweak and for a limited time-during launch week- a BONUS set of Covers just in time for Earth Day, April 22nd.LINK:

Included in the  Time To Take Care of You PLR Pack is:

  • 30 Day Journal
  • Editable Cover in both PSD and PNG--during launch week, bonus covers for Earth Day
  • 7 Social Graphics also editable in PSD and PNG
  • 21 Quotes/Tweet Starters
  • Up-sell is a 25 page Done For You Coloring Book

Give yourself or those you serve a chance at becoming more aware here:



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