Stop Struggling to Build Your Journal Business or Get Customers Opting in

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You probably have your website up and are thinking about setting up a Landing Page and an Opt-in.

After poking around with the functions on the website you have a landing page and are ready to connect an Opt-in, but you have spent so much time on the other parts you are now feeling stressed for time!

New customers want something they can use right away and you would like to create a relationship with them so they get to know and trust you as someone who will take care of their needs. Seems obvious but then the pressure is on to make something of high quality.

Maybe you are really creative and can quickly come up with just the right Opt-in.  Or maybe not. 

Maybe you are working on blogging or creating other content and need something NOW!

You Made your Decision, You Started your Journal Business - SUPER!!!

Now if you understand the concept of Time=Money then you are probably interested in saving your time and making money.

Do me a favor and calculate how many extra hours you have in a week. Now, calculate what you feel each of those hours is worth. Hold that thought.

What to Do, What To Do? Well.....

The Done-for-You 7-Day Exercise Journal Pack could be your answer!

Here is a list of what you get with this Journal Opt-In package:

  • 7-Day Exercise Journal with Quotes
  • Done for You Cover
  • 5  Social Graphics and 5 Tweets

Ready Made, Time Saving, Opt-in to get you started.

Don't keep struggling to get an audience. You can pick up this solution and add all or parts to your website today!

The alternative to this solution is to sit there struggling at your computer formatting a word document and creating graphics, just like I've done before, nearly losing interest but you are savvier than I was. You recognize that time is money.

Sounds too good right?

Even if you already have an Opt-in, you could pick this up now and tweak it to fit the needs of your audience and continue your relationship. They will continue to know and trust you and ultimately purchase from you. 

So don't sit there waiting too long. You've done the math and you know what your time is worth. And once you see all you get for this low price you will Opt-in and pick up this PLR pack. Take a look for yourself and see.....

The Done-for-You 7-Day Exercise Journal Pack IS your answer!

The 7-Day Exercise Journal Pack is a great way for your audience to have a quality item in exchange for their email and you will have time to start building a relationship.

Here's what you will get:

  1. 7-Day Journal-it is editable, so you can add your own touches.
  2. Done-For-You Cover
  3. 5 Social Graphics and 5 Tweets

Below is the journal and the layout: a quote related to the concept of exercise and then a page to record thoughts.

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If you are not completely satisfied within 45 days of purchasing your journal pack then, no worries, I will give you a complete refund, no questions asked-but I would wonder what I could do better so if you have a concern contact me to take care of it if at all possible first.

What you are waiting for? This really is an awesome offer!

This offer saves you time and money by being ready to use. You will need to download and decide if you keep it as is or you change it up. Upload it to your server or place for you keep your downloads. Then finally, you will need to connect it to your Opt-in on your site and Bam! You are ready to roll.

Go Ahead, Save your Time and Click the Buy Button!

Let me help you with the heavy lifting by saving you the many hours of spinning your wheels. You not only save time but you gain Peace of Mind.

P.S.: You don't have anything to lose with this offer! Remember that thought I told you to hold? Well, you would know that the graphics alone are worth more than this whole package deal! But it won't last long.

  • Possibilities and FAQ

YES you can use this content on your website

YES you can include in eBooks and Reports just DO NOT INCLUDE PLR rights

YES you can use in an auto responder series

YES you can edit any way you wish

YES you can put your name/brand on this

YES you can distribute to NON-PLR Membership Sites

NO you may NOT sell or give away with PLR included

NO you may NOT sell or give away with PLR included

NO you may NOT sell resell rights or Master Rights to the PLR Content

NO you may NOT include/give/sell source documents to clients or customers

NO you may NOT list or sell on Auction sites

NO you may NOT publish the content in ANY WAY that connects IT to Me (Connie Stuart), Peace of Mind PLR or Otherwise implies my Association with or Endorsement of Your Product/Project

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